Monday, June 16, 2014

CT - West Thompson Lake Campground

A great stay at one of our local favorites!  Even better this year because my parents are one of the sets of campground hosts for the summer!

West Thompson is an Army Corps of Engineers location and has a dammed lake.  Of course Theo is old enough for lots of dammed puns and jokes, thanks to the Percy Jackson books ;)  Pretty funny and kept us giggling.

We were on site #6, with water and electric hookups.

We got out for some paddling - that's my mom, whizzing away from us.  She made it halfway down the lake while Theo and I were still monkeying around with his paddle!

And the genny was due for an oil change, so my dad coached us through since we're newbies to the Onan.  He has a clever "funnel" - the side is cut off of an old oil bottle so it has a nice long reach - smart!

I asked them to pose so I could snap a pic for the blog - watch out QVC models!

And here's another project we did - disco lights!  They're LED strips that I found at BJ's so I couldn't resist.  They're really thin so I just mounted them right on the awning roller.  I have a remote control and can make them do all sorts of excitingly tacky colors and flashes!

We gave Kevin a propane pizza oven for Father's day - he's been playing with a modified weber kettle homemade version at home, so propane is cool since we can take it on the road.  Fun to build our own pizzas!

Some pics from chilling and fishing:

Oh, and we saw this little water snake! 

My parents were back on duty on Sunday, and Theo wants a job there so he can drive the little cart.  Grandpa won't give him a ride since it is "official use only" the obvious solution is to work there and make himself official!  He has a few years yet :)   

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