Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Flat Tire! Good Sam to the rescue!

So we were moseying along on the backroads of Connecticut's "quiet corner" wondering why the GPS took us this way, when all of a sudden, BAM!  This boulder along the road at a curve reached out and slashed the sidewall of the rear passenger side tire!  I know, right???

You can see the boulder in question right next to our caution triangle:

So a call to Good Sam Roadside, then an emptying of junk from the big cargo hatches so we could get to the mounted spare was in order.  Theo helped get the spare unbolted and ready for when the service truck came:

Here's a better view of the boulder...it really is awfully close to the roadway:

So when you sign up for roadside assistance you assume you'll need them on some dark and stormy night along the roaring interstate, not on a lovely afternoon on a rural road!  While we waited for the truck to be dispatched and arrive we had a nice lunch then I took the dogs for a walk.  We happened to be right in the middle of forest property belonging to Yale!  There are certainly worse places to have a flat!

The guy showed up in fairly short order and swapped us out like we were in the pits at Indy Motor Speedway!  Theo watched from up above:

We lost just 90 minutes total, not bad at all!  

Lesson 1: remember to take the corners a little wider
Lesson 2: a mounted spare is a huge time saver
Lesson 3: Good Sam is worth it

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