Sunday, April 20, 2014

Repair: Rear Window

We decided to go all Alfred Hitchcock and address the Rear Window (10 points if you get this.)  Anyway, the rear window was leaking and we realized that our band aid re-caulking job from last year was not cutting it anymore...time to do it right.

First we had to take the shade and valance down so we could get to the inside frame to unscrew it.

The on to the window itself.  This bad boy wasn't easy to get out - lots of putty knife work around the old caulk and butyl tape, especially on the sides and bottom.  The top was the problem where very little was left and just let the water right in.  

Tons of elbow grease and alcohol got the old caulk and butyl tape residue off both the fiberglass and the window frame.  This part was not fun.

I masked up the window and made it all nice and new with the help of the good folks at Krylon.

Meanwhile Kevin took care of the section of plywood at the top that had seen too much wetness.  It was delaminated but not rotted, however we decided to take the extra step to be safe and painted on the Rot Fix stuff just to be sure of a good repair job.

After that we used marine epoxy and some clamps to re-laminate the layers.

Fresh butyl tape applied (tip on this stuff - keep it stored in the freezer for easier handling) and back in she went!

Viola!  The bonus is that the window is now the cleanest it has been since we've owned it ;)

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