Thursday, April 17, 2014

VA - Mountain Cove Winery

Yes, you read right - an overnight at a winery!  We joined Harvest Hosts and now we can access a whole bunch of wineries, farms, and even a few museums that allow RV'ers to stay overnight.  This was our first stay and it was great!  A little bit of a route modification for us, but so worth it!

We had a great wine tasting and chat with the owner (no tastings for Theo of course, much to his disappointment) and picked up a few bottles as well as some homemade jam :)

The weather was great and we had such a nice relaxing evening walking the dogs and playing some Mad Libs.  Our parking spot was right near a babbling brook - near our bedroom windows, which is just about the only thing we heard all night out there in the country!  Daytime temps of 70 dropped to 50's at night - best sleep in a looooong time!

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