Monday, November 11, 2013

MA - Normandy Farms Camping Resort

We did our final hurrah and winterizing this weekend at Normandy Farms.  We did the same thing last year and chose it because of the amenities including an indoor pool.  This year I threw it out to the crowd at Dog and Trailer, our online camping friends, and the next thing you know we had a rally going!  Much more fun with friends to literally "chill out" with.  Yep, the temps were pretty chilly, but we had a good time.

It occurs to me that I didn't take many pics, but Theo and his friends had a great time riding bikes, hitting the arcade, swimming, hitting the arcade, playing in the game loft, hitting the arcade...and the dogs certainly had a blast at the dog park.  The place is big enough and busy enough that there were always dogs to play with at the park no matter when we went.  I did snag a pic when our boys were two of four black labs playing at one point:

And I snagged a pic of Theo and his friend Ethan in the game loft:

We had an awesome pot luck in the rec hall, and lots of fun chatting by the fire with friends old and new. 
A pic of the final fire of the season...always makes me sad:

Kevin and I also got in a round of disc golf after finishing our winterizing chores...a good reward for figuring out the water heater bypass valves on the Winnie that have a way different configuration than the Visa had - you can bet top dollar that we took lots of pics once we got it figured out!  The problem is that the Chalet documentation skips the detailed stuff on this since the Chalet line is made as rental units.  I guess Winnebago assumes that an RV tech will be doing the winterizing, not the average Joe and Jane.  After getting home we looked up the Access manual online (that's the model that ours is, just Chalet branded), and sure enough it is all there written up clearly with visual aids.  Oh well, we got it figured out and all was well.

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