Sunday, October 13, 2013

Repair: New Microwave

Our microwave was on the fritz.  upon powering up the carousel and light were on, without starting the microwave...then when we did start it - nothing.  Since we dry camp a lot we use the microwave on only 50% of our trips, but still it needed to be replaced.

I immediately saw huge dollar signs since it was a built-in, but to our surprise it was actually a bezel around a countertop model making it appear as a built-in!  So off I went to every store in town with my bezel in hand.  I may have looked like an idiot, but nobody yelled at me for trying it on the floor models and my search paid off when I found Frigidaire model FFCM1134LB at Lowes.  It required a couple of washers as spacers in on one side (that you can't see with the door closed, but as perfect as can be expected and fits like a charm!

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