Monday, September 22, 2014

Mod: Ceramic Bowl Toilet

Yes!  A "real" potty :)  I just have never been nuts about the plastic toilets and our valve was sticking on the OEM one, so we took the opportunity to get a ceramic bowl.  The base is still plastic to save weight, but the bowl is ceramic and the seat is residential style.  Since we are on a riser, it is a short model - Dometic model 321  (302321781 ) with a sprayer.

Old potty:

First new potty as delivered: 

As Kevin said "how many pieces should your new toilet come in???"

And the second new potty, after installation:

Kevin had a tricky time with some of the plumbing, including making sure that the vacuum breaker valve was perfectly level and pressurized.  The first few flushes it spittled a little bit.  Other than that, installation was easy.  In that small space it is a one person job though!  No team effort, other than moral support from outside of the bathroom!

So far so good, we like it a lot :)

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