Monday, September 29, 2014

PA - Hershey Thousand Trails

We aren't Thousand Trails members, but have received plenty of marketing for this membership camping club over the years, so it is a familiar name.  When we decided to go to Hershey for the RV show, the Hershey campground was full and Thousand Trails seemed like the next closest campground, so we booked it on a cash basis.

The first thing that struck us was that you check in and just drive around to find yourself an open spot.  Kind of odd for folks like us who are used to booking specific sites, or at the very least booking a certain level of site.  We had booked for my parents as well and they arrived before us - and happened to get a full hook up site, but ours was just W&E.  Just kinda odd that it is the same price and no guarantee of a site with certain services.  And at $50+ a night we had anticipated cable and wifi, but no such luck.  Not a huge deal, but we don't have cable at home, so when we go "fancy camping" at camp resorts it is kind of a treat with HGTV, Food Network, and the Disney Channel :)

Anyway, the property is a lovely piece of land and is pretty well kept, though we both thought there could be a little more TLC here and there given the members pay dues.

I didn't take many pics, but they had a really nice camp store and a decent arcade (according to Theo's approval scale).  Too late in the season for swimming and too much rain to try the mini golf course!  Very hilly area that was, um, great for morning runs...some really good hill work (not that we had a lot of choice!)  But those hills make the property really pretty :)

So off we went to the show and had a great time poking around new rigs big and small, looking at accoutraments (!), and having snacks.  The good news (to the old pocketbook) is that we didn't see anything that we slobbered over.  Honestly, the quality of our older Winnie just feels more sturdy than the new rigs, even much higher end!  And the ones that we were impressed on quality (Nexus RV) had really small kitchen areas, and since we truly cook and prepare food in our RV, that's a big deal to us.  However, we did buy what we went for....a big awning mat!  Here are the boys modeling it:

Of course it wasn't all RV show...there is CHOCOLATE in Hershey!!!  We had been to Hershey last year for the Half Marathon (stayed in a hotel, thus not blogged), so we knew that we wanted to make our own chocolate bars again, and this time drag Grandma and Grandpa into the mix!

And we also did a chocolate tasting class - we even got diplomas after we were done!

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