Friday, October 24, 2014

NY - Corning area - Camp Bell Campground

It was my turn this year to run the Wineglass Half Marathon, so off we went to Corning, NY.  Beautiful drive on the way out - the leaves were spectacular, not quite peak but beautiful!

Look at this happy driver ;)

Last year we stayed at a campground in Bath, about 25 miles west of Corning - nice campground but a little far for convenience of back and forth to Corning.  So this year we tried Camp Bell Campground in Campbell, which is around 10 miles west of Corning.  It was much more convenient for hopping back and forth!  Nice little campground that is at least half seasonal and really packed in, but we weren't there to sit around and relax.  We had a pull through site right near the entrance and facing the playground:

And someone is still not too old to enjoy a playground: 

There was also a great little hiking trail on site.  A lot of times when a small private campground says it has a "hiking trail" or "nature trail" it is maybe a 1/4 mile tops...I think this one is a good mile loop :)

Corning is such an great little town:

Trying to get a nice picture by the clock tower with my goofball proved to be pretty fruitless, but funny. 

There is a great pedestrian bridge that just (re?) opened from the Corning Museum of Glass area to the downtown Market Street/Gaffer District - it has a maze on it and I think we maybe saw only one or two people NOT do the maze on the several times we walked over it!

And Theo made a glass sculpture at Corning Museum of Glass: 

Check out this race swag: 

Theo and Kevin volunteered at the finish line - they got assigned the mylar blankets like T and I did last year: 

And I had a great race, a little chilly, but a great course and a great day!

I finished before the boys finished their shift, so I went back to the Winnie that was parked in the ample parking at CMOG and took my shower and walked the puppy boys - so nice to have the Winnie and be able to have the boys along on trips like this with us...and nice to have a nice hot shower waiting after the race!

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