Friday, April 24, 2015

TN - Up the Creek RV Camp: Pigeon Forge and Great Smoky Mountains

Up the Creek is a great little campground in Pigeon Forge!  Off of the main drag, so it was nice and quiet and plenty of elbow room between the sites.  Very clean and well kept as well.  No bathhouse, so you have to be a full-up self contained RV and not tenting, and no pool or game room or anything, but nice and laid back.  We were in site #1:

It was rainy and overcast for most of our stay, but we still enjoyed the area very much.  It was so beautiful!

No luck seeing anything from Clingman's Dome, but it was cool nonetheless: 

We enjoyed driving Newfound Gap Road and stopping a few places to get out and explore: 

(I love when Google enhances the photos and makes them look cool!)

We saw a whole gaggle of Minis drive by us, like well over 20 of them in succession - very cool!

We also did a hike to the Chimney Tops, quite an ascent!  


The only critters we saw were centipedes, which were pretty cool.  
We also heard a Ruffed Grouse doing a wing thumping mating call, that was a mystery until we got home and Kevin happened to mention it to a birder friend!

Since it was rainy and wet and presumably pretty dangerous, Theo and I stopped short of the final peak (much to his chagrin...he didn't speak to me the whole 2 mile hike back to the car).  Kevin went a little further, but not much.  He snapped some great pics, though!

The peak at a distance: 

The view from nearly the top: 

We also did some touristy things like go karts, laser tag, glow in the dark mini golf, and the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner show, and a magic show - fun stuff and it made Theo happy since he doesn't love hiking as much as Kevin and I do...we all got a chance to choose our activities, plenty to choose from in this area!

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