Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Winnie Has a Summer Job

So, why no blog posts since April?  That's because the Winnie has a summer job this year - campground hosting at West Thompson Corps of Engineers campground in CT.

So, as bad luck would have it, my parents were on their way up from Florida to host again this summer and were about an hour away from Thompson when they were in a fender bender on the highway.  Luckily traffic was moving slowly and nobody was hurt, but their Fleetwood Bounder got crunched and will be in the shop for at least a few months.

Since we had a pretty light spring and early summer camping season scheduled it was kind of a no-brainer to cancel the handful of reservations offer the Winnie to salvage their summer and allow them to fulfill their summer commitment.

So the Winnie is full-timing it as a host, with the bonus of having a certified RV tech living in her (my dad).  He's doing a few mods and upgrades for us in his down time! :)  Plus,we're finally getting to some much-needed garage and basement cleaning at home that has been too convenient to put off by heading out of town!

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