Friday, October 30, 2015

CT - Wilderness Lake Campground

Since Theo is playing football this fall we really haven't been able to get out now that the Winnie is back at home, but desperate to get out at least once more I decided to book a campground that is only about 20 miles from home.  This campground is a lovely property and has really nice folks running the place, but we all agreed that it would be more of a gem if the sites were thinned out and not so close to one wasn't really the closeness that was weird, but the irregularity of the sites - tough to know where ours ended and the next one began as we weren't really lined the point where I wasn't sure which fire ring was ours (turned out that ours was the one that was literally 3 feet away from the neighbor's RV but the friendly staff guy moved it for us to a much better spot away from their RV).

We were in site 25.

Another thing to note about this place is that I'd say a good 80% are seasonal sites, the people we talked to were all very nice, but I have to be honest - when I see RVs sitting still I feel bad for them not out having adventures with their people.  Just my humble opinion.

We were in view of the little lake, which was lovely!  There was a tent site in front of ours, but being a chilly weekend there were no tenters braving it, so we could traipse through the site without worries.

Theo caught a little sunny right off the bat: 

And he built me a nice fire (Kevin had a work function, so he joined us later in the evening)

More fishing and chilling and fire building:

And also some gorgeous running weather and terrain (hilly!), but no pics from that :)

Another thing to note about this place - the sites are water and electric only.  The dump station is a tiny little loop that a big rig or even a somewhat large rig would never make it through (more on that in a different post in the future.)  Since so many sites are seasonal they offer a pump service that any rig of size would have to utilize...or go 20 minutes into East Hartford and hit Cabela's dump station (now $5, but would have been worth it!)

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