Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Gash and a Fix!

Now that she's all fixed up and back at home, I'm ready to post about the gash I put into the side of the Winnie at the end of our one and only fall trip a couple of months ago.

If you read my post about Wilderness Lake Campground, you may have wondered what I was hinting at when I mentioned the small circular loop driveway that their dump station is on.'s what happened: Kevin and Theo had gone off to drop T off for football so the dogs and I said we'd meet at home after I did a quick dump and rinsing of the tanks.  Dump and rinse was done and I was navigating the rest of the curve, being careful about the right side berm and trees...but not being mindful of the GIANT CONCRETE DRAIN PIPE THING on the left side.  I didn't take a photo when I was hung up on it, but once I got it backed off of the thing I snapped a couple:

So in a showdown between concrete and fiberglass, it turns out that the concrete WINS. EVERY. TIME.

A few more pics of the damage, once the hanging hunk fell off: 

We have Progressive coverage on the Winnie, and I have to say they were wonderful.  From the claim intake person being compassionate and saying kind things and not making me feel completely stupid, to the inspecting adjuster telling me that as bad as I think it looked it really wasn't that bad. Flo's team did not disappoint!

Progressive provided us a list of shops in our area as suggestions, but it was ultimately our choice where to go.  Since we had good results from Arlington RV (the dealership we bought her from) when we had them do some body work on the Winnie before we took delivery, we turned to them for the work.  We worked with Vince, and he was fantastic keeping us apprised of the progress.  The thing that took the longest was the backordered storage hatch door from Winnebago, but it finally arrived and she's good as new now!  Phew!


  1. Ouch.... glad ole winnie is back in action. Hope you guys have a great soring!

  2. Ouch.... glad ole winnie is back in action. Hope you guys have a great soring!