Friday, August 23, 2013

Decor: Storage Ottomans

These things are so useful!  Based on a recommendation on I bought this pair of Storage Ottomans form QVC.  So worth the $50 for them.  Since the cab doesn't have a whole lot of storage cubbies like our Tundra did, one ottoman is dedicated to atlases, maps, our canister of Jelly Bellies (a must-have for driver and co-pilot during the drive) and the windshield cover when not in use.  The other holds Theo's collection of DVDs and other miscellaneous junk wonderful items that a 9 year old acquires...including a few rocks a la Lucille Ball in "The Long Long Trailer" :)

The other nice thing is that we put one between the seats in the cab to keep our dogs at a safe distance from the driver and the top flips over to a nice tray, which is convenient when the ottoman is up in the cab.

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