Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mod: 12v outlet for the Coleman thermoelectric cooler

...or our cheap way to add our most coveted portion of an outdoor kitchen.  So after an online thread about thermoelectric coolers for tenting or pop-up camping, I recalled that we had one sitting in our basement not seeing any use since we installed a fridge in our Aliner.  So the lightbulb went off and I thought why not add a 12v outlet to our big storage hatch in the back and use our cooler like a mini fridge accessible from outside?  The whole thing cost us all of $4 for the outlet, sweet!

It was wicket easy to tap into the 12v line to the light in the hatch:

Probably the most labor intensive part of this project was making little feet so the door will swing open fridge-style and clear the hatch frame.  I just cut some hunks of 2x4 then used both adhesive and some decking screws we had around, the screws aren't super long, thus the belt and suspenders of the adhesive:

Voila!  Our "new" mini fridge for beverages and condiments!:

And here's how I think it will ride when we are in transit to avoid toppling over: 

I'm thinking we won't use it when dry camping because of the draw on our batteries.  We do have a pair of 6v golf cart batteries, so we have quite a bit of juice...but I'll have to do the math on how long this would hold up, not too long before frying them I would think and it obviously isn't a necessity.

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