Thursday, August 28, 2014

VT - Button Bay State Park

Right on the shore of Lake Champlain is Button Bay State Park, what a beautiful park!

We were on site 52, right on the water - and yes, I booked this site months and months in advance :)

The only negative was that there had been days and days of heavy rain before our arrival and the site was really soggy.  It was also right next to the access to the water, so not the most private of spots by any means...but that's the tradeoff for the million dollar view.

We did lots of paddling and swimming, mostly in the lake (it is reeeeeally shallow in the bay) but some swimming in the pool at the park as well.  It even has a little waterslide.

We also did a little island exploring: 

And some dog walking: 

And wore them out: 

And there is a small air strip nearby.  I don't know if there was something special going on or if Sundays are just the time to fly in for lunch or something, but it was cool to be right under the approach!  We saw some really cool planes, many of them while we were out paddling without my phone, but we saw a cool float plane and a Steerman biplane among others.

No pictures from Theo's favorite part of the weekend - stargazing on Saturday night.  Without light pollution or tree cover we could see the Milky Way and billions and billions of stars (ok, well maybe we didn't see THAT many Carl...) but it was just brilliant.  We actually had a hard time identifying some of the standard constellations that we know well since there were so many additional stars around them!

Oh, and this is the first time we've seen this - a charging room at the comfort station: 

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