Saturday, August 16, 2014

Repair: New sealant and graphics

We noticed that some of our sealants were starting to crack and peel away and decided to take the sissy way out and hire Elite Transformations in Portland, CT to remove the old and reseal the whole thing.  And while they were at it, we asked them to fix up the peeling decals on the front and back.  The picking out of the old sealant is a ton of work, and I know it would take us weeks to complete, not to mention make us we're happy that Chris and his crew was able to help and did a great job!

And the new graphics look awesome!  We really like the classic Flying W lettering.

In hindsight we should have negotiated a re-seal job into the purchase from the dealer last year.  Lesson learned.  But then again, I wonder if they would have done as careful and complete a job as Chris at Elite Transformations.

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