Sunday, July 14, 2013

IA - Pammel Park

Pammel Park is a city park in Forest City, IA.  (By the way, there is another Pammel Park in IA that has a campground)  This one is very close to the Winnebago factory and offers water and electric sites.  It is honor system, first-come first-served for only $15 a night, but we wouldn't have needed to get in as early as we did since it certainly wasn't filled.  This was a nice park along a small river with a golf course on the other side.  There's a disc golf course and a playground, unfortunately it was just too hot and buggy for us to play.  We did take a nice little walk over the bridge through the park on the other side of the river adjacent to the golf course and Theo did a little fishing in the river.

Both Kansas and Dad needed a little coaching across the bouncy suspension bridge!

We rode our bikes around the town on Sunday night, pretty quiet!  Not much going on in this small town, but it was a Sunday evening and it was hot out.

We rode our bikes over to Winnebago for the tour in the morning.  Super close, especially if you cut through the back side of the park!

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