Monday, January 5, 2015

FL - Del Boca Vista...the Annex

Well, not really, but Seinfeld fans will get the reference.  After Disney we went down to spend another week in Fort Myers.  We were able to rent a lot next door to my parents' house, so it was really convenient...especially for Theo to borrow their golf cart!

This is officially the least "rustic" campsite that we've ever been on!  Fancy pants!

Of course we were all over the pool and the shuffleboard court.  Theo decided he loves shuffleboard, though it turns out that Kevin is a ringer!

We hit the beach a couple of times to try out Theo's new snorkel gear and Go Pro - no luck seeing anything snorkeling, but we had fun anyway!

And we saw some dolphins on our second beach visit: 

We also hit nearby Manatee Park but it was too warm for the manatees to be inland, bummer to not see them but it was a gorgeous day for a paddle!


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