Monday, January 5, 2015

FL - Disney's Fort Wilderness

We had a great Christmas at Fort Wilderness!

The whole place was decorated for Christmas, and lots and lots of sites were decorated as well, some of them were very elaborate!  We did our part with an inflatable Minnie and Mickey and some Bliss Lights.  

We were on site #415 in a premium loop.  Great location for getting to the Settlement area (restaurants, boats, etc) and pretty easy access to the dog park as well, the boys loved that, lots of new friends to meet!

My parents met up with us and stayed in the 1600 loop, so not too far, especially on bikes.  

Once again we loved having bikes at the Fort and didn't at all wish for a golf cart.  Theo enjoyed a bit of independence in going to the arcade or to Grandma and Grandpa's by himself on his bike.

Of course boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom is wonderful: 

Here are some morning shots of and from the boat: 

And of course, the running at the Fort is the best on WDW property, with a nice path between Fort Wilderness and the Wilderness Lodge.  We also clocked the distance of all of the campsite loops: 7 miles (this doesn't include the cabin loops)

Some pics around the Fort: 

My cousin Cristina works at Disney World, so we got to spend time with her and her boyfriend Chris on their days off.  First we went resort hopping to look at the decorations and gingerbread:

Then we headed back to the Fort for dinner at my parents RV, then took a walk around a couple of the loops.  One site had cool hologram glasses to look through, along with dog cookies for the fur babies!

And here are some random some park pictures:  


The beautiful Candlelight Processional at Epcot:

Gingerbread Capitol:

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