Sunday, January 4, 2015

GA - Country Oaks Campground

In the past we've stayed at the KOA at the same exit just north of the GA/FL border, but the Good Sam trip planning program showed me Country Oaks as another option and the rate was a bit lower with a Good Sam membership so we decided to try it. I called while we were on the road and the owner I spoke with couldn't have been nicer.  We arrived after the office was closed and left before it opened in the morning so we never met.

The campground is small and nice, and great for an overnight since it isn't very far off of I-95.  A little older so the interior turn on the loop might be tough with a big rig, but we made it just fine.  No dog park, but plenty of space to walk the puppies, with lots of spanish moss and palmetto plants for that cool southern ambiance that I like :)

It would be a toss up next time between this campground and the KOA.  If it is pool season and we were getting in early enough, I'd choose the KOA for the pool.  But in the cooler season and later arrival, I'd choose this one because they are so nice and I like to support the indy guy when I they are about $5-10 less than the KOA and have a little more ambiance.


  1. We stayed at the KOA our first year with our camper - 2005 but then we learned about Country Oaks and have stayed there ever since!!! (We have both GOOD SAM & KOA memberships)
    The big draw for us at County Oaks (besides their friendliness and rates!!!) is their proximity to JACK'S BARBEQUE just across the side road... awesome food and plenty of it for a good price!!!

    1. Great to know about Jack's BBQ for next time, thanks and happy trails!!!