Monday, January 5, 2015

Mod: New Upholstery

When we hit the Hershey RV show in the fall, really the only thing that I wished for was an updated interior so I decided that an upholstery facelift would go a long way.  Not that I hated the original fabric (which was wearing like iron) but I like some of the more subtle solid colors. I'd really like a synthetic "pleather" for easy cleaning, so I checked around and got a quote from a local upholstery place - $950 for the dinette and jacknife off I went to the fabric store to see what I could do myself!  About $150 in fabric and notions and a few hours time and we're good!  Not quite professional and not my coveted pleather, but I think it turned out well and it held up nicely through a 2 week trip already.  I simply covered the original since it is in good shape and you never know if we or someone else will want it back down the road.

The jacknife sofa came off of the frame in two pieces, and was simply bolted on with four bolts per section:

The jackknife was all sewn by hand (I had the bruised fingers to prove it) and the dinette cushions were done by machine.  I had plenty of help from the fur brothers, then the human one thought it was funny so got into the game...oy!

Here are the notions I used - the twist pins were good for holding the fabric into place while I stitched, then I left a few of them in place in areas with larger gathers of fabric.

Old fabric: 

And the final product: 

I also covered the accent strip in the window toppers to match the new fabric. Now I just need to replace the cabover privacy curtain and the little side window curtains up there as well, since they are still in blue tones.


  1. Hi there.... I enjoy reading your blog and family adventures.

    My family is from up in Litchfield CT

    Great job on the re-upholstering.... one question.... did you hand sew the covers or did you machine sew?


  2. Sorry I missed the part where you mentioned hand sewn with bruises..... wow really great job!

  3. Hello neighbor! Thanks for the compliment, glad you like the blog! :) Happy trails!