Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SC - Perdro's South of the Border

You never sausage a place!  Everyone's a wiener at Pedro's.  Pedro's Weather Report: Chili Today, Hot Tamale. Pedro's Fireworks (does yours?)

Yes sir, we stayed at Camp Pedro!

We pulled in and I was confused on where to go for campground registration...their signage is a bit small ;)

Look, the Winnie is wearing a sombrero:

This is an old nostalgic place that reminded me of a drive-in theater, the styling is just 50's-60's and kind of a hoot.  Not a luxury place, but we'd stop again.  Super friendly in the office and easy access for sure.  They have quite a few pull through sites, but we were given a back in because of our size.  Easy enough and a little cheaper anyway.  Good Sam rate was $26 plus tax, no complaints!

One great find here is local ginger ale.  I mean REAL GINGER ginger ale by the name of Blenheim. We are big ginger fans and the "less hot" was still plenty zingy for us.  We would stop to pick this up even if we weren't staying the night!

A couple of pics as we were pulling out in the morning - neon lights still on!

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